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Crazed Elephant Kills Thai Wife On Rayong Beach

05 March 2013 :: 15:03:24 pm [ 8,173 views ]


A 56-year-old Thai wife of a farang was fatally gored by a 2-year-old elephant on Maerampung beach. She was buying sugar cane to feed the elephant when it attacked her. The mahout said the hot weather had crazed the normally docile beast. The mahout and the elephant’s owner will be prosecuted by police.

RAYONG – March 4, 2013 [PDN]; At 5:30 p.m., a report of an elephant killing a Thai female tourist was received by Pol. Lt. Capt. Thawatch Norsingha, Muangrayong police station, Rayong.

Rescuers from Sawangpornkusol foundation Rayong reported that a 2-year-old elephant went insane and used its tusk to gore a Thai tourist on Maerampung beach. The victim was severely injured and died in Rayong hospital.

Police officers arriving at the scene found the elephant, named Plai Boonchoo, 2 years old, was being chained on his front legs in Khaosap temple, Pae, Muang. The elephant was acting insane, whining loudly all the time and shocking tourists, who quickly fled because they were afraid the elephant would kill more people.

Officers went to the hospital emergency room to check on the victim, and discovered she had died from her injuries. Her collarbones were broken, and her lungs had been pierced, with blood shed inside her rib cage area. The victim was identified as Mrs. Sairung Kraja, 56 years old. Standing sadly near her body was her husband, Mr. Helmut Schoeler , 63 years old, nationality German.

Mr. Helmut told police that he and his wife were staying at the Rayong beach hotel on Maerampueng beach. He brought his wife to the beach, and they saw the mahout who came along with the elephant to beg for food, and was selling the sugar cane to feed the animal.

His wife who was always generous, went to the elephant. She was taking money from her purse to pay for the sugar cane to feed him. But the elephant stabbed her with its tusk, and she fell to the ground. The elephant then used its trunk to lift her up, and stabbed her several times with its tusk, in front of many horrified tourists.

Police questioned the mahout, identified as Mr. Thongjan Malignam, 26 years old, living in Krapo, Tatoom, Surin. He told police that he brought Plaiboonchoo to Maerampueng beach nearly every day to wander to sell sugar cane to Thai and foreign tourists.

Mr. Thongjan said this had never happened before with Plaiboonchoo, who was always cute and kind, and never hurt anyone. But today was too hot, and the elephant got annoyed and acted untamed, and he did not play with tourists like before.

Police also questioned the elephant’s owner, identified as Mr. Santawee Boonklao, 27 years old. He said the elephant was always sweet, and had never acted violently. He brought the big beast to the beach to wander to beg for food every day, and it was always fine.

Pol. Lt. Capt. Thawatch Norsingha said both Mr. Thongjan and Mr. Santawee will be prosecuted on charges of bringing an elephant to wander in public and causing someone’s death.

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Amy    2013-05-23 17:41:43    email :
yes, these poor little baby elephants, stolen from their herds in the wild, beaten in submission and used to beg for money. Please put them back where they belong and even better, pass laws to prohibit them from being used in the first place.
bazil    2013-03-07 10:19:23    email :
sad sad sad...poor woman and poor jumbo this 1st time a tourist has been killed by jumbo ???
SONJA    2013-03-07 07:42:24    email :
I do not understand why people care about them, that one's existence is fun. Animals should go back where they belong-nature. Elephants are usually peaceful animals
Robyn    2013-03-07 06:25:05    email :
I don't blame the elephant at all!!! I'm sorry for the loss of the lady but this should NEVER have happened! If this baby was never taken from its mother it would be a happy elephant! I hope these men go to jail for a long time and this serves as a deterent to others who want to steal elephants or use them for greed!! I wish she fired the men!!
Edwin Wiek    2013-03-06 18:14:53    email :
I would advise the husband and family of the deceased to file criminal charges with police, and a civil case with court to have the owner of the elephant take full responsibility and have the elephant taken away from its owner and the streets. The municipality has allowed this as well and should be held responsible. Elephants do not belong on streets or beaches, for several good reasons.
Abhi    2013-03-06 12:03:42    email :
I feel sorry for the husband. But this is NOT the fault of the elephant. After a lifetime of abuse and street begging, anyone, including animals, can decide enough is enough. Prosecute the owner and send the elephant to some sanctuary.
Christine Harman    2013-03-06 10:52:14    email :
"Crazed, beast, insane" all these words describe a baby elephant ripped from it's mother and probably watched her being killed by humans, then subjected to regular beatings and made to beg for it's own tell me that it's ok to do this to a living creature which has every right to be in it's natural environment with it's mother and herd.

This is all down to pure human greed, as always, and yet that baby will now be tied up and shackled for the rest of it's life because it was scared.

It's very sad about the lady who died, but this treatment of animals just can't go on and humans need to stop using animals for greed.
Amy    2013-03-06 09:49:41    email :
This poor elephant was stolen from its elephant family and brought far away to live as a slave to abusers Thongjan and Santawee. It is a wild animal and reached the point of being tormented. Save this magnificent creature and get it back home with its elephant family where it belongs. It's horrible that poor women had to suffer the consequences of the abusers
Dougal    2013-03-06 09:00:19    email :
about time elephants were treated properly by their mahouts.They do not care about the animals welfare only money for the sugar---thats more important. Horrible and painful way to die unnessesary.RIP poor lady
Macphene    2013-03-06 01:21:13    email :
Stop using them as entertainment. The baby should be with its mom!
Richard Zree    2013-03-05 21:21:03    email :
I saw this animal on the exactly same place in 2011. It was walking loose, with 2 people around, stopping by the seated tourist. Many children on the beach. If was not legal to bring it on the beach, why the police never did something about? Waiting for a tragedy?
Mindy    2013-03-05 20:20:51    email :
It drives me nuts that an animal that should be wild is said that it's gone "insane" when it's simply behaving like an elephant trapped in the tourist industry.
Baby elephants should nurse from their mother and aunties in their herd for 3-4 years. If this poor boy is only 2 years old, where is his mother?
Elephants belong in the wild, and not begging for tiny bags of food to entertain tourists. Everything about this article disgusts me!