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Broke Brit in Pattaya Fed By Thai Beer Bar Hostesses

26 August 2011 :: 09:08:49 am [ 17,468 views ]


A middle-aged Londoner wants return to England after hitting rock bottom in Pattaya. Kind Thai people have given him food everyday. He is upset with the British government for not assisting him although he has paid taxes throughout his life. He is grateful to the Thai police since they will send him back to the UK. If he has the chance he wants to return to Thailand again.

Pattaya, August 24, 2011[PDN]; Police Colonel Chusak Panasumporn, Immigration Director, Chonburi, together with Police Lieutenant Colonel Prapansak Prasarnsuk, Deputy Immigration Director , Chonburi were notified of a destitute foreigner walking around beer bars near the Beach Road in Pattaya.

Upon arrival police find the foreigner: Mr Smit Chistopher Paul age 57, British citizen. Mr Smit is glad to see the police team and he gives them his passport. He tells them that he is down and out, hungry and thirsty but the beer bar women buy him food and drink. Since he ran out of money on July 2011 he had no where to sleep. He added that the persons responsible for English people in Thailand never helped him. He has been coming to Thailand every year for four years continuously, but this time he he ran out money. He says he wants to go back to his hometown to see his family, he has eight children; seven girls and one boy. He added that he will come back to Thailand again, the country he loves very much.

After investigation, Police Lieutenant Colonel Prapansak Prasarnsuk, found Mr Smit’s passport had expired. Later they took Mr Smit to the Immigration Service facilities and let him take a bath, provide him food and water. Thereafter Mr Smit’s case was handled according to the Thai immigration law in order to have him repatriated to England.

Mr. Smit was pleased to know that he would to return his home country and his family.

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Reporter : Kong Siptis   Photo : Kong Siptis   Category : Community News

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Pascal    2012-03-21 14:59:03    email :
Excatly: he's a tosser.
Deport and never let him back in.
Helped a Belgian lad with his 2 girls 2 years ago (who also had an entire article on PDN). Gave him place to stay (new condo in Pratumnak - overstay fee - tickets - more cash). He was "financial manager" .... HAHA!
Never saw a single THB back!
I learned my lesson!
Nice of the police though!
Fish & Chips    2012-03-18 04:37:35    email :
There is an interesting comparison of the Thai and British cultures. In Thailand, poverty is the norm and Thai people are inherently sympathetic to anyone who needs a meal and a bath. In contrast, the British society (Western society) looks upon poverty with disdain and judgment.
Jules    2011-09-30 14:46:22    email :
The British Embassy has not helped anyone financially for about 15 years. If you have money in UK they will help you get it, they may even get an emergency travel document for you if you can pay for it.

Why? Well when they used to hand out money and passports they found they were preyed upon by out of luck British drunks who would plead povert, get a passport and then 'lose" it to fund their drinking etc.

This type of nobody likes pattaya because they canget drunk, shag and be told 'you handsome man" when he is clearly a wretched sort.

Hopefully he will be back in prison soon.
Paul    2011-09-15 11:53:54    email :
No sympathy at all. There must have been a time when he was down to his last £1000 so why didn't he buy an air ticket at that point?

I also believe that Consulates are actually forbidden by law to get involved in repatriation fees when it is self inflicted.
falang guy    2011-09-04 14:46:56    email :
Looks like he's a lifetime loser. Why do people think that just because they pay taxes to the government that they are somehow entitled to services whilst overseas? He's an adult for crying out loud, but is acting like a child. Loser in his home country, loser here. The fact that Thais helped him just says they are unaware what to look for in a falang loser. He looks unemployable. I've seen these types wandering around Thailand for quite a long time. Deport him.
austentayshus    2011-09-04 09:36:22    email :
England is the welfare capitol of the world. Why doesnt one of his eight children donate his welfare or single parents pension to buy him a ticket home with Gulf air?
The British are pathetic the way they always expect someone to help them out.Cradle to the Grave welfare state.
Datou    2011-09-01 15:09:21    email :
Pete, apparently you don't read the news. The UK absolutely is running a charity shop for idiots. Try to cut their handouts for doing nothing and they riot in the streets. Now you have several generations of losers with no sense of personal responsibility.
Keyser    2011-08-31 20:32:02    email :
@Pete: Too funny as this chap is most likely on the dole and lives in a council house with his brood. The British g'ment breeds these idiots to be taken care of from cradle to grave. Why shouldn't he expect it now?
Peter McAlpine    2011-08-31 19:06:48    email :
That's a wonderful, positive story about the police! We need to hear more stories like this.

Mr. Smit, all will be well with you!
El Moosey    2011-08-31 11:14:16    email :
I suppose he lost his air ticket as well? Loser. This is the reason why the Imm. Dept. is making life difficult for legitimate working or retired foreign residents here. Deport and blacklist.
mop ed    2011-08-30 15:30:19    email :
He has a watch and gold rings. He could have sold them for a start.
AbeVigoda    2011-08-28 23:13:51    email :
what an absolute loser. this guy should be deported and blacklisted.
Pete    2011-08-28 14:37:57    email :
Why should the UK government help him, he's a adult, has he not learnt how to control his finances by now?
The Government is not running a cHarity shop for idiots.
bob    2011-08-27 18:17:02    email :
now more and more mentally sick british at pattaya.
David    2011-08-27 15:56:11    email :
Effin loser. Yeah, I'll bet the kids will be thrilled to see him so he can be a financial burden on them. And I love that part about "...the persons responsible for English people in Thailand never helped him." Who might that be, a fairy godmother? Please, just go away and never come back.
Alan    2011-08-27 15:45:49    email :
So no one of his EIGHT children are ready to help him???
David Heard    2011-08-27 07:19:49    email :
I'm sure there is more to this story than meets the eye.
it pisses me of all the negative comments from by Farang's about any thing printed on Thai visa. If you can't say something nice. Don't say anything
David Heard    2011-08-27 07:18:41    email :
I'm sure there is more to this story than meets the eye.
it pisses me of all the negative comments about by Farang's about any thing printed on Thai visa. If you can't say something nice. Don't say anything
stupid poms    2011-08-27 06:13:03    email :
True Yank    2011-08-27 06:00:24    email :
Why doesn't the vast Limey pedo community in Pattaya help him out??
kngdady    2011-08-27 04:12:09    email :
I am very pleased to hear the Thai people helped a man. I here bad news most of the time, this was very refreshing, thank you.
dave    2011-08-26 16:01:15    email :
"He added that the persons responsible for English people in Thailand never helped him." WHAT A C**T!!!!
Bob    2011-08-26 13:23:23    email :
Of course the British Government did not help him; if you are not a large wealthy corporation they could not care less about you.
kboske    2011-08-26 12:14:23    email :
It's idiots like this that make it hard for expats to come and go from Thailand at will.
Angus mc coteup    2011-08-26 11:32:42    email :
he's a liar! Look at face, lock him up till his family pay his fare!
Karsten    2011-08-26 11:07:25    email :
He not return before he have money for a ticket !
Good luck idiot !
bill    2011-08-26 11:03:26    email :
Yeah i come to Pattaya spend all my money on beer and now i want my Government to pay my way home what an idiot!!! UK is broke!!
bikerchris    2011-08-26 10:49:37    email :
WTF his passport ran out ? he has no money ? dont go to thailand if you have not got enlf money.shoiuld ban him form ever going back.
Bababooy    2011-08-26 09:47:03    email :
Awwww, I wasted all my money on beer and hookers and now I want the British Govt to bail me out and support me.

And you wonder why British citizens pay so much in income tax.